The Keys to the Perfect Open House

Whether your real estate agent is running the open house or you are trying to do things on your own, these open house staging tips from Premier One will make certain you get the maximum amount of offers come the big day. Get this right, says Charleston Real Estate gurus, and you could be flush with full price offers that day, or better yet, a bidding war on your hands.

Charleston real estate1. Removing Clutter – Your stuff is considered clutter to anyone interested in your home. The energy and effort they need to utilize to imagine your stuff not there could diminish the chances of them falling for your home. Don’t just grab everything and stuff it in the garage, these folks will be in your garage too and they don’t want to see clutter. If it isn’t used, toss it. If you need to, rent a storage unit and start filling it up. Another good thing is come moving time, most of your stuff will be boxed and ready to go.

2. The Home Makeover – When we say home makeover, we are not talking about doing several thousand dollars in renovations, instead, make use of these simple and inexpensive alternatives. Spend a couple bucks and give those dated rooms a fresh coat of paint. Hire a professional cleaning service to steam clean carpeting and upholstery that smell of pets or cigarettes. Wash all the interior windows, polish the bathroom tiles, and make any minor repairs that could distract your guests on the open house.

3. Restore the Curb Appeal – Call in the experts and allow these professional landscapers to increase the curb appeal of your property. Allow the team to cut the grass, trim the bushes, mulch around trees, plant flowers, trim trees, and even power-wash the driveway, fence, gutters, home exterior, walkways, and your deck. They key to getting potential buyers in the house in the first place is getting them emotionally connected with the property. They need to be able to imagine themselves in the house before making offers.

4. Appeal to the Senses – Once you have a rush of people in the house during the open house, it is key to work on their senses. You already cleaned the house, now we go after their sense of smell, taste, and hearing. Place some music in the background while visitors are in the home, most cable stations have 24/7 music channels with a huge selection of generic music. Have some cookies baking in the oven to appeal to their sense of smell and taste.

These little tips to help with your open house will put you in the best position to get buyers fighting over the property now.



Improve Client Engagement with SEO Tips from the Experts

Charleston SEOClient engagement is key when you are trying to get your website to move up the organic search standings. If you can get your new visitors to interact with your content, you go from visitor to loyal customer, and that is when you see a huge boost in sales. Too many people think they can simply throw any website online and that a rush of traffic will find them. Each day thousands of new websites are competing for consumers, and your niche may be crowded to the point your content moves lower each day.

Here are a few web design tips from Charleston SEO experts at to help improve client engagement;

1. When posting articles on your website, you have to make certain you have a place for client comments. These comments can help to improve ranking as more people return to the site each day to see what was written in reply to other comments. As the website owner, you have to engage your customers in these areas and keep the conversation rolling. Lurkers will see your response time and know they can count on you if needed.

2. Place social media buttons on all your postings, as well as key areas of your website. The reason being is that when one of your clients shares your content, it works like a referral to their inner circle. So now a new group of people that you may not have been able to reach otherwise see your posts and they come by to check out all the action. This new rush of traffic is good for your ranking and could also increase your sales as a result.

3. Be sure that you have a sign-up box on your website for visitors to provide their e-mail address so they can be made aware of new posts, new arrivals, or even promotional codes you might be offering. Even if they do not buy anything this time around, once you have them on your mailing list you can place information in front of them that will likely get them to take some action at another time.

4. One of the most neglected parts of a business website is a clear contact section. People put all that effort into creating a visually appealing site, but then they forget that their address, email, and phone number needs to be on that home page so a visitor can reach you fast and not have to search for that information.

Try these simple web design tips and your client engagement efforts will reap huge rewards.

How Buying Your Own Fishing Boat Is Simple And Affordable

Fishing by way of your own boat can be incredible fun for you and your friends and family. When you use a boat, you have the ability to head out to secluded spots that the average fisherman can not gain access to. When you become a boat owner, it is lie every week is an excuse to head out on vacation. Buying a boat and finding a boat for sale is more affordable than you might even realize. There are many different options that are available to you, and that is why selecting the right boat could be a little overwhelming.

boat for saleTo help simplify the process, make use of these tips for first-time buyers from the experts at the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF).

1. How will you use it? Although fishing may be your primary activity, are there other things your family might want to do, such as water-skiing or cruising? Think about how many different people, whether family or friends, that you will want to accommodate.

2. Where are you going to go? Are you planning on hitting the water and going just to inlets, or do you plan on getting out to the ocean and heading out to the seep blue sea? Are you going to be using the boat for overnight trips or back at the docks before dark? If you are going out for a few days, the galley must have enough space and accommodations to make the trip comfortable for all.

3. What is your budget going to be? Be sure that you factor into the cost of the boat things like maintenance and fuel, slip or dock fees, and whether or not you are going to stay long-term at the local marina. When things start getting a little out of your budget, just drop down a size to get back into your comfort zone. You can also save by trailering your boat and using it for day trips.

4. New or used? If your budget is tight, a used boat is a good alternative. If you go for a new one, make sure it is National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) certified.

5. Financing the Boat. Your new water craft can be financed for a variety of terms, which will help keep monthly payments lower. Reach out to the National Marine Bankers Association (NMBA) lender, or simply go online and visit for utilizing their loan calculator.

6. Testing the waters. Before you buy, rent a boat from a local marina and go fishing for the day. It’s a great way to get the family hooked and helps you decide on the right boat for you.

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