Improve Client Engagement with SEO Tips from the Experts

Charleston SEOClient engagement is key when you are trying to get your website to move up the organic search standings. If you can get your new visitors to interact with your content, you go from visitor to loyal customer, and that is when you see a huge boost in sales. Too many people think they can simply throw any website online and that a rush of traffic will find them. Each day thousands of new websites are competing for consumers, and your niche may be crowded to the point your content moves lower each day.

Here are a few web design tips from Charleston SEO experts at to help improve client engagement;

1. When posting articles on your website, you have to make certain you have a place for client comments. These comments can help to improve ranking as more people return to the site each day to see what was written in reply to other comments. As the website owner, you have to engage your customers in these areas and keep the conversation rolling. Lurkers will see your response time and know they can count on you if needed.

2. Place social media buttons on all your postings, as well as key areas of your website. The reason being is that when one of your clients shares your content, it works like a referral to their inner circle. So now a new group of people that you may not have been able to reach otherwise see your posts and they come by to check out all the action. This new rush of traffic is good for your ranking and could also increase your sales as a result.

3. Be sure that you have a sign-up box on your website for visitors to provide their e-mail address so they can be made aware of new posts, new arrivals, or even promotional codes you might be offering. Even if they do not buy anything this time around, once you have them on your mailing list you can place information in front of them that will likely get them to take some action at another time.

4. One of the most neglected parts of a business website is a clear contact section. People put all that effort into creating a visually appealing site, but then they forget that their address, email, and phone number needs to be on that home page so a visitor can reach you fast and not have to search for that information.

Try these simple web design tips and your client engagement efforts will reap huge rewards.